Monday, November 24, 2008

Are You Ready?

Just watch the video and you'll see why I titled it this way. Just another random day at the Pittman house hold. She is just too darn cute, I'm talking about Fiana and Rachel of course :-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No, It's Not a Van, It's a Routan

How lucky are you. I am entering in two blogs tonight. That does not happen very often. While finishing my last blog entry (please see below) I thought about commenting on our new purchase. First let me give some back ground. This summer we had two cars, however we sold Rachel's car to save up for this beautiful home in Garner. When that went to crap because of the housing melt down we were left with one car for us to share. Since I use it everyday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm for work, that left Rachel alone with Fiana in the house all day. Honestly I am surprised she lasted this long with out going insane. Since it was a no go on the house and we are sticking with our town home for awhile. It was time to get Rachel a new set of wheels. She is a complete Volkswagen girl, hence that last vehicle was a Passat, and the previous car was a Beetle. It was only fitting she chose a Volkswagon, and the vehicle of her liking was the new Routan. Let me lay some ground rules moving forward. She did not buy that horrible word called a "van" (I feel my man points dropping by 20) it was a Routan. A cross of a *cough* van and SUV. Therefore since it cannot be classified by either, we need to call it what it is....a Routan. (I'm pretty sure I have a couple of bets out there stating I would never buy a van in my lifetime, consider this blog entry as insurance on people trying to collect.) It is a very nice ROUTAN, completely decked out so Fiana can be occupied for long trips. Basically what I'm saying it has a very nice TV/Entertainment system, which has jacks so an XBOX or Wii can be hooked up. Anyone want to road trip?

Time Goes Way Too Fast

I was in the car these past couple of days hunting for generators....yeah I know that sounds like so much fun.... and I was listening to my buddy Neil Boortz. If you don't know who he is check out his web site at Don't stay too long because you'll read a bunch of stuff you agree with him on, and then he'll comment on something that will completly piss you off, but it was so entertaining you have to come back for more....anywho...He was commenting on the fact that Christmas is almost here. Following this statement came a brief pause, then he said something to the effect that he never wishes for an event to "come sooner" in his life, because time goes way too fast. I couldn't agree with him more. It seemed just like yesterday I couldn't wait to graduate from high school. Once I entered college I couldn't wait to get out, then I couldn't wait to get married, and finally I couldn't wait for Fiana to be born. Fast forward to present and Fiana will be 2 in March, and I'm coming up on 5 years of marriage. Now before you think I'm going through an early mid life crisis, don't worry, I'm not. I am just realizing it's all right to stop and enjoy the present. Why worry about tomorrow when today is just fine. (A horrible transcribe of the biblical passage, but I couln't resist) This is my encouragement to you, stop and enjoy today. We may think tomorrow will be better, however the grass is not always greener on the other side....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fiana Counts

Work got me a new Flip Video camera. My manager took me to Costco on Thursday. He would not tell me why I'm getting it, but said I would find out on Monday. I'm not complaining. In the mean time I have been having fun with it. I will post more videos later. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Know, It's Been Awhile

Aight so it's been forever since I have made an entry into my blog. Life has been crazy so let me give you a little update. I changed jobs (wooooooohoooooo!!) I read a book when I first got into sales and it said that if you don't like what you are selling than you need to quit. So I did. How crazy is that? This was a big decision as my job not only effects me but most importantly my family. So far it has been a good one. How crazy is it that 80% of the people who work for Prime Power are believers....yeah...that is no stretch. It has been such a relief to walk into the office and be surrounded by positive people who enjoy what they do. I am currently in Atlanta for training and will be here until next Friday. The distance has been very hard, I miss my wife's smile and the laughter of my daughter but I know this is only temporary, I will be home soon. Secondly Fiana is growing like crazy. My precious little girl is growing up. It feels like yesterday I was gazing into her newborn eyes holding her on my right forearm with tears streaming down my cheek. That can't be done any more. I will post the newest picture I have. Finally Rachel is a selling machine. She has been moving a ton of clothes and is now into selling toys on eBay. Gotta love Costco, they are in business for the small business. That is it for now. I will try and update this more often when a thought strikes me.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Decisions, Decisons

Our good friends Zach and Laura Hanlon offered to watch Fiana on Friday so we could have a date night. We had dinner and saw "The Dark Knight". As we left I called Zach to let him know we were on our way home. The first thing out of his mouth was, "I'm busy doing something can you call back... you'll see when you get home." Needless to say I was caught a little off guard. As Rachel and I walked though the door the first thing out of his mouth was. "Ok, which build is better." As you can see, Zach and Laura had a little "Lego competition" with Fiana's blocks. The next 10 minutes was spent explaining our decision in the most technical way. I'm leaving it up to you in my very first poll. Which one is better?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Realizing the Freedom

I am still exploring all the new applications on my iPhone through the "App Store". If you don't know what it is here is a quick briefing. Apple gave a challenge to third party developers to create software for the new iPhone 2.0 software. Over 250,000 answered the call. One of the applications someone created is called "Pandora-The Music Genome Project". What you do is enter the type of music or artists that you like and it creates a "radio station" without interuptions. It is awesome and the best part it's totally free and legal. No reason anymore listening to the radio or XM radio. It was in the morning so I thought about listening to praise music. The first song to come on was "Better is One Day" by Chris Tomlin. This is one of my favorite worships songs of all time. First of all it reminds me of my time serving at Hope E. Free church with the youth group. (Shout out to Goat!) We had a little worship band going and this was one of our songs. After a couple of minutes pondering about my time there, my thoughts moved on to the meaning behind this song. What a way to start your morning thinking about God's presence and how holy He is. This song declares his presence is so beautiful to spend one day is better than thousand days elsewhere. Now that thousands elsewere might be pretty good but God is better. Many people especially christians think God's presence, heaven, will be a time just sitting around singing Kum Bah Yah. Truth is quite the opposite, I believe we will spend the time enjoying and lavishing in God's glory. Period... Many will think, boring. But imagine our life today and the perversion of sin. The ability to sit through the evening local news and come away positive is almost impossible. What a relief they set aside 30 seconds to talk about a positive story and it's about a child fighting for his life due to cancer... Really?? That is why our thoughts need to be on God and not the things of this earth. (1 John) No matter how hard we try and find satisfaction through the fabrication of man we will always come up short and dissapointed. To the alcoholic it's one more sip to find happiness, to the millionaire it's one more dollar, and to a man it's one more night in bed with another woman to be happy. All of this leads to something else...more. Through God's own Son we can find joy and true satisfaction knowing that we are loved. Which was demonstrated by Christ's total sacrifice for my sin on the cross. If you have never experienced this I would encourage you to not immediately "talk to a pastor" but first reach out to God. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you, and He will. If you seek God, you will definately find Him. It is worth it, because better is one day in His courts than thousands elsewhere.